Food Cooperatives in EU.
Lessons for Poland - the first field research report

Read the report “Food Cooperatives - lessons for Poland”

We hereby present to you the report "Food cooperatives - lessons for Poland". It aims to introduce the subject of cooperatives, both from the historical and the current perspective, and to analyse the organizational solutions adopted by food cooperatives in four EU countries - Hungary, Czechia, Italy and Spain. The last part of the report is devoted to formal and legal issues related to the activities of food cooperatives in Poland. The Report also includes recommendations on the further development of the food cooperative sector in Poland which are the result of the deliberations of a gathering of representatives of cooperatives from all over Poland that took place in November 2022. The authors hope that the experience of the movement will become an inspiration for activists committed to food sovereignty in Poland.

The organisational structures, forms of cooperation with the community, or technical measures described in the Report may be useful both in the course of day-to-day operations or advocacy activities, as well as in the establishment of an umbrella organisation - essential for a stronger involvement of cooperatives in the promotion of the policy for shortening food networks.

The report was developed by the Grochowska Cooperative Foundation within the project "Polish Food Cooperatives - Paths of Development" carried out in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Warsaw and EIT Food.

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